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Wednesday, 18 May 2016


       I am very fortunate to celebrate my first anniversary with Global Eyes Magazine. Wow! All my gratitude goes to Beatrice “Mom B” Watson for giving me the opportunity to be a contributor. What an amazing experience! Mom B thanks for all your sacrifices. You spent hours updating this quarterly magazine that is your masterpiece. 
     GEM informed me a lot about the African and Caribbean community in Winnipeg. I discovered new talents, exciting cultural events and met volunteers very involved in the community. GEM allowed me to tell my story, obstacles faced and happy moments included. Being immigrant was a huge challenge like the culture shock for example. France and Canada belong to the western world but people’s lifestyles, values and belief systems are so different. 

      Providentially, time made thing better. I learned perseverance, became more courageous and bold. I completely changed. Even my relatives won’t recognize me! I gained maturity and weight (unfortunately). My English improved through English Additional Language programs. Since March 2016, I have been involved with the Toastmasters International (Confidently Speaking club). It was quiet frightening to speak in public in my second language. Now the inevitable stomach butterflies won’t bug me at all. Nervousness, shaking and sweating were completely mastered for now on. 

       Other good news! As you noticed summer is back, so life too (lol). Just look around, you’d see more happy faces, more cyclists, more people walking in the neighbourhood and more barbecues in backyards. People usually made New Year resolutions. To me, summer is the best time to do so. Like riding my bike or going for a walk during lunch time. Colourful Winnipeg enriched its communities with museums, preserved heritage, parks, lakes and various cultural activities. I am eager to visit new pavilions during the next Folklorama, taste new meals and meet more wonderful people. I really enjoy Winnipeg in summer. I wish you all to spend good times with friends and relatives. Talk to you soon!

By Benebr

 With the authorization of Global Eyes Magazine (Manitoba African and Carribean Quaterly Magazine) - Summer 2016 page 9.


  1. Where are you hiding your other posts. I can't find them. Only one in September. I'm a hungry fan

  2. Thanks so much Mom B! I didn't write for a month because I was overwhelmed with my weekly writing assignments with Uof W...oh my...