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Saturday, 14 May 2016


  Ivory Coast, former French colony in West Africa, became “independent” in 1960.  The country was producing cocoa, coffee, gold, oil and other important mineral resources.  Laurent Koudou Gbagbo was born in 1945.  He grew up in a poor family.  He attended school bare foot. Laurent earned scholarships to study history at the University of Abidjan (Ivoirian capital).  He graduated his Master at the Sorbonne, Paris (France). 
  He returned to his country as a teacher. Grieved by the dictatorship of “President” Félix Houphouët-Boigny (imposed by France); Laurent formed an opposition group: the Ivorian Popular Front (IPF). Perceived as an agitator, he was imprisoned several years during 1970’s. Back to France in the 80’s, Gbagbo was one of the first Black university professors (PhD).  In 1988, he returned home to work as a Historian, Writer and Director of the Ivorian Historical Institute. In 1990, President Boigny permitted “democratic elections” and “won”.   
  In 1992, Laurent, political activist, organized a student protest. He was arrested.  In 1993, the dictator Houphouët died in office. In 2000, Laurent Gbagbo became the first elected president. Unfortunately, western countries tied his hands. The international press portrayed him as a dictator. In April 2011, Muslim foreign militia and French Army brutally beat him and expelled him from the presidency. Gbagbo was incarcerated at La Haye (Holland).  
  Again, France appointed a pawn: “President” Allassane Dramane Ouattara who already disseminated the country’s wealth... “In the New World Order there will be no independence, no governments, royal families, republics, states or provinces. The ruling power behind the New Order, already manages the global flow of money, the central banks and the biggest multinationals. It determines who will govern the “democratic” countries through its control of the press and the media. By providing loans on a large scale it is depended on by almost all countries. Governments that wish to remain independent will be brought forcefully to their knees. Their leaders will be brought down, if not with political propaganda, then with economic sanctions or military violence”. Robin de Ruiter and Fritz Springmeier (Worlwide Evil and Misery – The Legacy of the 13 Satanic Bloodlines)

By Benebr 

With the authorization of Global Eyes Magazine (Manitoba African and Carribean Quaterly Magazine) - February 2016, page 3. 

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