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Sunday, 15 May 2016


    I have lived in Winnipeg for more than 3 years. Winnipeg was my first contact with the Canadian soil. I am French with an Ivoirian (Ivory Coast-West Africa) background. I grew up in France where I had some good times. Meanwhile I have been proud of my double culture, I thrived to find a position related to my studies in Human Resources and Research in Labour Sociology for years. I was confronted to the harsh reality of racial discrimination. 

    After many years of working as a Human Resources/Administrative Assistant, I have decided to improve my English skills. Then, in 2009, I went to Australia. I discovered kangaroos, Koalas, the warm weather and I worked very hard during intensive English classes. Back to France, I got some bilingual positions but it was way below my academic. 

     So I flew to Canada, the promise land. Since I got to Winnipeg, I have been disappointed. My credentials were not valid. I have to start all over. And I spent lot of money for my Work Visa and Permanent Residency status. Anyway, the bad days are over, I know that with a lot of faith and patience, my future will be brighter. Contrary to France, I know that success is possible for visible minorities in Canada. Greetings!

By Benebr

With the authorization of Global Eyes Magazine (Manitoba African and Carribean Quaterly Magazine) - Summer 2015, page 7. 

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