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Saturday, 14 May 2016

GOD'S WINKS - April 27, 2016 – Winnipeg

  I just woke up this Wednesday morning wondering if God really wants me to stay in my apartment. I’ve been living there for 2 ½ years. The caretaker has been driving me crazy since. I can’t have guests without him knocking at my door. So annoying! I rented a 1 bedroom apt but didn’t feel comfortable inside! Silence after 9 p.m. because his wife’s sister and mother just live downstairs. Any time, I took a day off, they all knew that I was in. The caretaker would knock at my door for any reasons! You get the picture… right? No privacy at all. I felt like a prisoner. I became paranoid like the previous tenants. No kidding! My heartbeat raced anytime I heard paths in the corridor. I knew loud knockings were coming.

 Then life became pretty good here for 6 months! The caretaker had a knee surgery. No stairs for him equal a happy me. :) Sounds cruel I know. The same day that I questioned God; the caretaker knocked at my door! Unbelievable! Enough is enough! That’s it! That's a sign. God gave me his approval to get out of here!!! 
I thoroughly checked on Kijiji website for any vacancy. I found a 1 bedroom apt within 5 min walks from my place. I scheduled a visit for the day after at 4 pm. The apartment was a bit smaller, the rent was higher but at least I would have peace!! Strangely many visitors didn't ask for an application form said the female caretaker. On Thursday, I hesitated dropping off to the agency. Interestingly, it was about 3 min walks from my work place. I finally applied at 3 p.m. First come first served. I received a call 15 min later. I got the apartment!
Thanks God for being in control! Amen. 

By Benebr

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